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If you miss the traditional Windows interface, windows 8.1 start menu change free download possible to add a Start menu to Windows 8. Some Windows 8 Start menus introduce new features and interface elements while others mirror the look and feel of the Windows 7 Start menu. The tools in this article are available for Windows 8 and Windows 8. Some are also compatible with other versions of Windows. Every tool listed here allows you to bypass the Start screen and boot directly to the desktop.

You can also disable Windows 8’s hot corners including the App Switcher in the top left and the Charms bar in the top or bottom right. All of the interface elements you’d expect are there. You’ll have quick access to your programs and the ability to pin apps like you could in Windows 7. There are a couple of skins to choose from, and you also have the option to change what your Start button looks like. Other than that, there are no additional features, but ViStart is sufficient if you’re used to older versions of Windows.

Start Menu 8 is also very close to the Start menu from Windows 7, but it includes a MetroApps menu that you can click to access all of the Windows Store apps on your computer. Windows 8.1 start menu change free download feature lets you seamlessly launch these apps right from the desktop as you would any other program.

There are multiple themes you can choose from, and you can change the Start button style, font, and even the size of the menu itself.

Unfortunately, though, you can’t pin modern apps to the Start menu. This application is comprised of a bar of links and a series of customizable tiles. You can drag any desktop or Windows store app into the menu to customize the tiles to your liking.

This is just like pinning a program to windows 8.1 start menu change free download Start menu of old. The link bar on the left provides easy access to commonly used tools like Network, Search, and Run. Classic Shell windows 8.1 start menu change free download with a very detailed settings page that allows you to change almost every aspect of the menu to suit your preferences.

It also lets you tweak the File Explorer and Internet Explorer to make their interfaces more comfortable for you. In addition to the classic Start menu, Classic Shell offers a secondary menu for your Windows Store apps, which you can pin to the Start menu.

Pokki looks nothing like the classic Start menu you’re used to, but that’s not a bad thing. It offers a Control Panel view which, much like Windows GodModeplaces all of the computer configuration and settings tools in one place for easy access.

You also have the My Favorites view, which offers a series of tiles you can configure to link to any program on your computer. You can even download windows 8.1 start menu change free download from Pokki’s own store. Actively scan device characteristics for identification.

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Microsoft will release its Windows 8. The update, which will be free for Windows 8 users, is a response to concerns among users and businesses who found the interface changes in Windows 8 , released in October , too jarring. The removal in the original release of the Start menu – an iconic part of Windows since – led to confusion among users.

As sales of PCs plummeted in the two quarters after the new product’s launch, Microsoft pitched into a revision to bring back favourite features. But the revision does not bring back the Start menu; instead it revives the Start button, which takes the user straight to an “all apps” view of the Windows 8 Start screen, a collection of “tiles”. It also introduces an option so that when started, the machine will boot directly into the Windows 7-style desktop view.

Windows 8. A Professional upgrade for Windows 8. Windows 7 users will have to reinstall all their programs after the upgrade, as only documents and file transfer is supported. The lack of support for upgrades from Windows XP is a non-issue for businesses, according to Jump: “We’ve seen a large migration from XP to Windows 7 in the last 18 months, and will likely see an acceleration of that trend as support for XP ceases at the end of Companies are not looking at Windows 8 or 8.

Jump also points out that companies don’t upgrade the operating systems on their machines, simply erasing and re-imaging them with a company-wide installation of Windows that includes pre-loaded applications and settings instead. This article is more than 7 years old.

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