Windows 10 cannot setup a homegroup on this computer free download.Windows 10 ‘Windows can’t set up a homegroup on this computer’


Windows 10 cannot setup a homegroup on this computer free download.HomeGroup from start to finish


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I got this problem with setting up a homegroup with my 2 computers. My laptop manages to wkndows a homegroup, and I get year windows 7 was released free download password for it. But when I try to Join homegroup on my other computer, i get the “Windows cannot set up homegroup on this computer” Error code 0x I’ve also tried creating the homegroup from comp2, but same error pops up as soon as i hit the Create button.

Both machines need to be running W7. Home group will not work with any other OS and W7. And I am able to share stuff the old-fashioned way with shared folders, i’m just curious about this W7 Homegroup thing :. Delete idstore. I can’t ftee the idstore. The closest one is the idstore. I’ve got 3 computers running bit Home Premium and none can connect using Homegroups. I got it and it was simple!!!! All I windows 10 home work network free download to do is “leave the homegroup” then set up each of the computers up individually with product keys windows 7 ultimate free download same password of course just as I was trying to do before.

For some reason it wouldn’t let me frre the same password or any other password for that matter. Any how, I got the all the computers working together as a whole now.

I can even print using one printer now. Смотрите подробнее, if I could just figure out what I need to hook wondows my big screen TV wirelessly like the guy on the Windows 7 comercial did I’ll be set. Why do the best things Windows 7 has to offer have to be so difficult?

I had this question on Ask Yahoo for a montha and no response. I hope I have helped someone out there and Bill Gates, If you read this, just because you have cornered the market doesn’t mean it’s okay to forget about your customers after you take our money.

Just kidding, I wouldn’t want to wish any harm on you. Thank You Everyone!!!! Then you will find it, you most probably have admin rights blocking you from seeing the file, but it is windows 10 cannot setup a homegroup on this computer free download. I had the same problems and spent several days reading and trying everything I could think of and all the suggestions here.

Figured out I needed to remove my drive protections compiter my system restore. No problems after that. This is what fixed mine. I pluged the wireless laptop directly into the router and join, after that unplug and reenable wireless. Another fix was to reshare the homegroup folders even though they were already shared. Soon as I shared again, was able to join and see the folders.

I have just been through volumes of forums discussing the problem of computers not seeing one another on the network. I have a decent computer background and work at a college that does computer training. My two computers Suddenly without cause or explanation, one could not see the other. I have never been more frustrated than trying to get both of them to see one another again. All settings were as recommended, all clocks were in sync, the router was reset, I left homegroup on both computers and set back up a homegroup and got a new password on the Windows 7 Thiis, and I then tried to join on the laptop which initially would not let me joinall planets the solar system were were aligned, the proper chants and sacrifices were made and nothing seemed to work.

After Setkp created the new homegroup on my desktop, got the new password and checked everything I wanted to share, I found the laptop windows 10 cannot setup a homegroup on this computer free download could not see the homegroup to join. I did discover, however, that if I went back to the desktop, went to my libraries, right clicked one of my libraries, in the menu windows 10 cannot setup a homegroup on this computer free download detup With” and selected “share with Homegroup” suddenly the laptop could find a homegroup to join.

I followed the “join homegroup” process on the laptop and put in the newly created password I created from the desktop. The laptop now saw my desktop. It was a sort of “Eureka! I then found the desktop still could not see the laptop even if went to the laptop libraries to do the same right click sharing and selected a “share with homegroup” option.

I thought then that perhaps a reboot of both computers might resolve the dowwnload. I did that very thing and upon reboot, I was back to square one. Neither computer could see the other.

Now, the moral of this story I tried one thing mentioned above that instantly allowed windows 10 cannot setup a homegroup on this computer free download computers to see each other. My desktop is directly connected to my router. The laptop feeds to it wirelessly. I connected my laptop directly hardwired to my router and poof, both could see each other and the “homegroup” was a happy family again. I am wondering how many people that have the problem of their computers not seeing one another compuetr a desktop directly connected to their router and a laptop that connects wirelessly.

It could well be that there is a bug in the wireless connection process or a setting that has changed not covered in all of these forums that is causing the problem. Connecting both computers directly to the router seems to work, however.

Yes, deleting the idstore. I was able to finally start the “Peer Name Resolution Protocol” after removing this file and i can now join the homegroup. I figured out it was a V6 issue but can live without a homegroup since I now have an AD domain. I’ve disabled V6 on all of my machines since it is just another possible attack vector. V4 works for ho,egroup. No offense to the Chinese but there are just so many of them that they are having to use V6 now. I homeegroup Symantec Endpoint installed on the homegroup laptop which blocked all incoming connections I ran into this issue as well.

Win7 desktop wired to router and a win7 laptop connected via wireless. The laptop would not connect to the homegroup that was created on the desktop. I tried various solutions I found on forums, but none of them worked for me. I eventually opened the network connections and saw the bridge I created on the laptop in order oh connect the XBox to the internet. I figured this had to be the problem so I removed the bridge from the Wireless Network Connection and tried again.

The laptop was then able to connect to the workgroup without issue. I’ve the same problem with home network setting up. I have a desktop and a laptop. But with homergoup laptop – there is an adventure! I tried everything I read here, but still – no fix : Each time I delete the stuff in the peernetworking folder and try to join a homegroup after that, I’m not able to!

I wonder if there is something wrong with my router or in general with the laptop. I’ve tried everything including removing the idstore. Didnt work. Spent hours on this thing and finally solved by doing the most logical step I could think of: I nuked the homegroup. Removed it from all my tuis PCs and re-created a new homegroup on the problematic machine with a new password. Problem solved. All machines connect and work properly with each other now.

First the Home group I tried everything on the web. Eventually I turned off all windows 10 cannot setup a homegroup on this computer free download, in windows and in my anti- virus program. Change Advanced Sharing Settings; I made certain that all the same boxes were ticked on both computers. I chose the bit encryption for both. That allowed the computers to share. Windows 7 wifi hotspot creator the Printer.

After doing all the above it was still searching, I solved the problem by installing the driver software on the second computer. Enable IPv6 on all computers this protocol is required for Homegroupif your concerned about broadcasts outside of your network you should have a router between your network and the internet and use private addressing.

Just to add my 2 cents: Got same msg trying to get laptop Win7 Pro 64 to join homegroup already set up on my desktop Win7 Home Prem. Tried everything mentioned. Only thing that worked after hours windows 10 cannot setup a homegroup on this computer free download trying was to “Leave” the homegroup on desktop and create a “New” homegroup on the desktop.

Laptop then join immediately with the new password generated. The thing that misled me was the laptop saying it found the homegroup on the desktop. I then figured incorrectly there was no problem with desktop, so I assumed wrongly the problem was the laptop. So much for logic :. I’m a seasoned system admin and can map network drives in my sleep, but this HomeGroup is a total piece of sh!

Second, when I set up the homegroup, I gave it a different workgroup name to the generic one windows provides. When I changed the workgroup name on the second machine to match the x name of the first machine, I was able to join the homegroup and access files.

I followed this lead and disabled every network except the one I was using for the internet right at that moment. Hamachi was running, so it reenabled the adapter immediately, but I disabled it after I had put in the password while it was struggling to join the homegroup, and Hamachi’s adapter was disabled just long enough for the homegroup connection to snap together.


Windows 10 cannot setup a homegroup on this computer free download.How to Setup and Use HomeGroup in Windows 10


Setting up a HomeGroup allows you to share printers, files, pictures and devices with other computers in your home or office. HomeGroup can be defined as a local network sharing feature in Windows OS that makes it easy for multiple computers to share common resources like Files, Photos, Documents, Printers and devices with other computers residing on the same network. Click on the Start button and then click on the Settings Icon. On the Settings screen, click on Network and Internet icon.

On the next information screen, click on Next. On the next screen, you use the drop-downs to choose what you want to Share with Home Group computers and click on Next. On the next screen, you will see a Password created by Windows for the HomeGroup. Note down this password, as it will be needed to allow other computers to access Files, Printers and other common resources on the network.

Click on the Finish button to complete the process of setting up HomeGroup in Windows Now that you have created a HomeGroup and generated a password for the HomeGroup. The next step is to Add other computers to this HomeGroup. Login to the computer that you want to Add to the HomeGroup. On the next screen, click on the Join Now button.

On the next information screen, click on the Next button. On the next screen, use the drop-downs to select Folders, Printers and Devices that you want to Share with HomeGroup and click on Next. On the next screen, type the HomeGroup Password and click on Next. On the next screen, click on Leave the HomeGroup… link. On the pop-up, click on Leave HomeGroup option to confirm. On the next screen, type your new HomeGroup Password and click on Finish.

Make sure that only the computer on which you are creating the new HomeGroup is open and all other computers and devices are shut down. On the next screen, right-click on your WiFi or Ethernet network and click on Properties option in the contextual menu. Setup and Use HomeGroup in Windows 10 HomeGroup can be defined as a local network sharing feature in Windows OS that makes it easy for multiple computers to share common resources like Files, Photos, Documents, Printers and devices with other computers residing on the same network.

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