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Open the home page of your Vmware workstation 12 snapshot location free download Workstation and choose the Solaris 10 VM that you have created by following our previous article and click to the Power On button as shown below. Once you have powered on your VM, you will see the grub menu and your VM will be starts boot from Solaris as shown in below image. After starting the Solaris Boot process you will see the following message displayed on your screen showing the release version of SunOS.

Here you will be asked to choose from the available options about what you want to do. Sochoose the option 4 as shown in the below image to start the installation of ZFS root file system. Choose your keyboard layout from the multiple available options by using your arrow keys as shown in the image. Then select your language by making a choice from the available options from and press Enter key to continue. In this section you will be guided on how the solaris installation program works. After reading it press ‘F2’ key as indicated below to continue.

Choose the ‘Yes’ option to specify that your system is connected to the Solaris supported network and press “F2” to continue. Configure the proper subnet mask for your system as shown below, you might face issues if you have configured your sub netmask incorrect.

Choose the Option ‘No’ for IPv6 but you can still leave it to yes as it has no effect your system. To set the default route you can choose the option to the one upon reboot and then press F2 key to move to the next step.

So, you have configured all required network settings, the summary of your selected options can be viewed on the follwoing snapshot. If you are sure that the information is correct then press ‘F2’ как сообщается здесь to move to the next option. In this section we configure the standard UNIX security policy, if you wish to use Kerberose security then you can choose ‘Yes’ option and then press ‘F2’ key to continue.

Select the option for setting up the Name service for your network, if you are not baixar sketchup pro 2017 gratis free download the any name service then choose the ‘None’ option /33703.txt then press F2 key to continue.

Next you will be asked to configure the NFSv4 domain Configurations, so choose the first option to use the NFSv4 domain derived by the system as shown in the below image. Select the your current time zone and the country or the region you are vmware workstation 12 snapshot location free download in and choose the current date and time for your system settings.

Then /44014.txt F2 to proceed to the next step. Setup your strong root password for your system and press ‘F2’ key to continue if you wish to leave your password as blank as yet. Choose the Option to enable remote services that will make your client clients to easily access the network. Leave this option as blank to provide Solaris auto registration information and simpliy move to the next step by pressing the ‘F2’ button. Leave all option as blank for the proxy server settings, then you will see a notification message as shown below.

Here you need to specify the media from which you are going to install the Solaris Operating system. Press ‘F2’ key to accept the license agreement, and choose you geographical location to mention your initial locale after installing your operating system. If you wish add some additional products then select the location you wish to scan. At this point we don’t need to add any additional vmware workstation 12 snapshot location free download so we are going to choose as ‘None’.

Select the second option ‘Entire Distribution’ for installing the Solaris software on your system and hit the ‘F2’ key to proceed to the next option. In this section you vmware workstation 12 snapshot location free download to choose the disk where your software for Saloris will be going to install on it.

Now configure your ZFS root file system settings, you can leave them as default and press ‘F2’ key to continue your installation process. Let’s review each option that you have selected to configure your environment for installation of Solaris. If everything нажмите чтобы узнать больше OK then hit ‘F2’ key to begin installation.

Once the installation process starts it will take few minutes to complete the installation process. How it looks? Welcome to the Java Desktop vmware workstation 12 snapshot location free download for Oracle Solaris.

It has been installed and ready to use for your testing or configure it for your production environment. Solaris is claimed by many as the most advanced operating system in commercial use today. Free Solid relieable and feels good to use on your desktop.

It is currently been developed as a Opensource project called OpenSolaris. You can test your hardware compatibility if it would run on your computer there is a tool on vmware workstation 12 snapshot location free download Sun site which will test your hardware for free to see if its suitable. Hope you understand the basics installation of Solaris, if you are comfortable with using the Linux and working on the UNIX is not a big deal for you.

So, keep enjoying with Solaris and don’t forget to leave your comments. More Articles You May Like. Leave this field empty.


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