Export persona affinity designer ipad free download.How to Use the Export Persona in Affinity Photo


Export persona affinity designer ipad free download.


Using the Layers panel.Exporting using Export Persona


This Affinity Photo export tutorial can easily export persona affinity designer ipad free download your editing workflow and produce amazing results in no time.

However, anyone who uses Affinity Photo should be aware of the existence of the Export Persona and learn how to use it. The benefits will worth your time. You probably export the result of your editing process using the Export function from the File menu. Affinity Photo provides a list продолжить file formats and a set of parameters such as the size of the image, presets for each file format, and other export persona affinity designer ipad free download.

However, the Export function exports the whole image exactly how you see it on the screen. The Export Persona includes all the features of the Export functionality and more. Or you may want to export just an element of an image such as an object, the sky, or the foreground element. Or you may wish to divide a panorama into multiple export persona affinity designer ipad free download. All these are possible through the Export Persona.

The Export Persona is a well-organized and visual tool. You can select and export parts of the image while seeing the entire image on the screen. It allows you to hide and show layers and export multiple slices of the same нажмите чтобы перейти at once.

Use it when you want multiple versions of the same image, individual images with parts of the original image, or a neat export with specific parameters. Affinity Photo is committed to delivering an intuitive and configurable interface. Therefore, you can move the three panels from the right anywhere you want. The View Tool lets you move the image in the workspace.

The Zoom Export persona affinity designer ipad free download provides zooming methods by dragging or clicking. The menu is reduced to the entries that apply to the Export Persona too.

This airy interface helps you focus on export only. Slices are the most powerful feature of the Export Persona. By creating slices, you tell Affinity Photo to export only specific areas of the image.

The Slice Tool is a simple selection tool. You can define a slice by dragging the mouse over the image but also by introducing the position, width, and height of the area in the Transform panel. If you prefer an aspect ratio, you can lock it, set one dimension, and let Affinity Photo compute the other dimension.

You can create as many slices as you wish and adjust them at any time. The Export Persona displays individual marks for each slice thus you will see all of them, all the time.

It also displays the list of slices in the Slices panel on the right. The editor creates by default the first slice in the list, which represents the entire image.

Windows 10 quick access rename links free download can align slices horizontally and vertically. Moreover, you can move them forward or backward to make things easier for you. Use the alignment toolbar from the top right to arrange your slices. You can also rename slices, set up a common path for files export persona affinity designer ipad free download from the same slice, and configure specific parameters for Apple app icon design.

Each slice can be exported more than once, using a different set of parameters, which includes:. To export all the slices, click the Export Slices button. After using the Export Slices functionality and setting an export folder for your files, you can check the Continuous check box, which will automatically export slices if their content modifies. Therefore, you can forget about the export and focus on defining the areas you want to export and managing layers.

It allows you to export simultaneously, in different export persona affinity designer ipad free download formats and with different scaling factors, individual areas of the image. Furthermore, you control file export persona affinity designer ipad free download, image size, and quality. The Export Persona gives you access to the list of layers so that you could decide which layers you want to export. This is especially useful when you have multiple edits of the same image or text layers.

By activating the first eye at the end of the layer row in the Layers panel, you make the layer visible in the exported file. By activating the second eye at the end of the layer row, you make the layer visible on the screen.

Furthermore, the Export Persona allows you to create slices from layers by selecting the layer and pressing the Create Slice button. For example, you can export a text layer as a PNG file to preserve transparency and use it in other projects. The Export Options panel allows you to set specific export attributes. It works in two modes: Selection and Defaults, увидеть больше you can set default settings for regular use and specific settings for export persona affinity designer ipad free download selected slice.

Export settings include file formats and predefined export options for them presetsresampling methods, and metadata. Each file format comes with its additional settings such as image quality, ICC profile, compression factor, or compatibility for PSD format. You need a good workflow when you edit a lot export persona affinity designer ipad free download photos. The Export Persona saves you time. It also helps you have a roundabout body of work and make the most of your photos.

Editing and presenting are important steps in the artistic process as well. The Export Persona is a great tool for creating covers, social media posts, and multiple versions of the same image. But the most important feature of the Export Persona is the possibility to export areas of an image without altering the image in any way. You can define multiple slices for export and, for each of them, multiple sets of export parameters.

After defining everything that interests you, a single button will export everything in different folders and file formats; with meaningful file names and specific sizes. At the Affinity Photo forumsyou can get additional help for the more advanced features of the Export Persona in Affinity Photo.

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Export persona affinity designer ipad free download.Affinity Photo for iPad tutorials


The Export Persona uses a combination of panels and tools to create slices. Slices are export areas which you choose to output from your document. A Slice Tool is a unique tool in Export Persona which is used to create custom slices.

The Layers panel is different from the Layers panel in Designer Persona. It is used exclusively as a precursor for selecting artboards, layers, groups, or objects from which slices can be created, and added to the Slices panel. When you export a Layers panel item as a slice, the slice will automatically size to what is considered to be the extent of the selected item. A circle symbol at the top right of the slice indicates that it is auto-sized.

If you choose to resize the slice, the symbol changes to a square, indicating that the slice has been modified. A resized slice created from a Layers panel item can be reset to ‘auto-sized’ at any point. The Export Options panel lets you set up your default export settings, or settings for the currently selected item prior to slice creation.

The Slices panel stores all your slices from the Layers panel or Slice Tool ready for export directly from the panel. Each created slice has an initial export format e. You can use the filenames in the Slices panel to specify or create a folder hierarchy in which to place your exported files.

This is achieved through the use of the forward slash, or oblique, character. If any part of the folder structure does not exist, the folder hierarchy will be created when the appropriate slices are exported using Export Slices n. When exporting slices via the Export Persona, the slice export size 1x, 2x, 3x, etc. The table below shows how DPI and export size affect export dimensions, using a 64×64 px document as an example. The Slice Tool gives you full freedom to create export areas of all sizes, over any part of your document.

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