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Using layer masks in Affinity Photo is a powerful way to combine parts of several images into нажмите для продолжения single image affinity designer mask ipad free download to limit the effect of adjustment layers and filters to only affect a part of affinity designer mask ipad free download image.

Layer masks are nondestructive. This means that you can modify them at any stage of your post-processing workflow. Layer masks allows you to control which part of an image layer should be visible and what should be hidden. You can add a layer mask to a layer or a group of layers.

This also means that it hides anything on a lower layer. A mask with pure black hides the layer the mask is added to. This means that the anything on a lower layer will become visible in the image.

If you give the layer mask a grey tone color it will partly show the layer and the layer below, just like the layers продолжение здесь slider would, except that you can control the layers opacity by using gray tone values. However, when you begin to create fine selections or draw with a brush tool on the layer masks you can control exactly which part of a layer should be visible and how it should blend with the below layer.

You can go about adding a layer mask in two different ways. You can either add a layer mask that shows or hides the entire layer or add a mask that takes the active selection into account and hides or shows the layer based on the selection. Make sure that you have no active selections in your image. Next, select the layer you want to apply the mask to.

In this case, select the green layer. To create a mask that shows the entire layer, click on the Add Layer Mask button insert image. You will find it at the bottom of the Layers panel. This will make the green layer invisible or hidden.

The green layer is still there in the layers panel, but the masking layer thumbnail will be black indicating that the layer is hidden. Anyway, let us continue the example by starting with a white masking layer. Again use a white brush to show the layer which has the mask and black to hide it. Since we are working on a completely white mask making the layer visibleyou can choose a black brush to reveal some of the red layer below.

Remember to select the mask thumbnail to paint on the mask and not the image layer itself. When you use the black brush and paint on the mask, everywhere you use the brush /38850.txt be hidden and reveal the red layer below. For a more smooth transition, you can turn the opacity up and down or adjust the hardness of the brush. A gradient mask in Основываясь на этих данных Photo is simply a layer mask, where you apply the gradient tool.

By selecting the gradient tool, you can apply either a linear or radial gradient to your mask. By selecting one end of the gradient to be white, and the other black, and apply windows sp1 7 download free download gradient, you can control, /11505.txt areas the mask shows, and which it hides.

Читать статью is a simple but powerful way to combine, for instance, an exposure adjustment layer, with the gradient tool, so the exposure adjustment layer only affect. If you already know which part of the top layer you want по ссылке show and which to affinity designer mask ipad free download, you can take a shortcut and create a precise selection of the area and base the Affinity Photo layer mask on the selection.

First, create the selection and then based on whether you want to hide the selected area or show this part of the layer, do the following:. Note, that you can also invert a layer mask. This is particular useful, when it is easier for you to select or brush the opposite of what you want to mask. After adding a layer mask, you might want to check how it has altered your image. This toggles the mask on and off. Alternatively, you ссылка на продолжение uncheck the checkbox in the right side of the masking layer.

When the mask is disabled a red diagonal line is shown on top of the mask thumbnail and you will see the image without the masking effects.

If you regret adding a layer mask affinity designer mask ipad free download can always delete /40862.txt by selecting and dragging it to the trashcan button on the Layers panel.

Remember to drag the mask thumbnail to the trashcan and not the image layer. This will display a black and white representation of the mask on top of your image.

This allows you to fine-tune the mask, even more, using the brush tool. To make the mask overlay disappear again, just click anywhere else in the layers panel to return to the normal view. Working with masks in Affinity Photo is very useful for blending several bracketed shots together into a single image. This can be a complex and tedious editing process, which I will save for another article.

In this tutorial, however, we will continue with looking at how you can use layer masks to limit the effect of adjustment layers and affinity designer mask ipad free download filters to specific parts of an image. Adjustment layers have an inbuilt mask that is set to be completely white per default. This means that when you add an adjustment layer it will be applied to the whole image.

You can modify this mask just as you would with a layer mask as explained above by using a affinity designer mask ipad free download or any of the selection tools. Now that you know how to create a mask and how it basically works, let us dig affinity designer mask ipad free download how you can use a mask together with selections to change the background of an image. As a case or sample image, we will use the above image of a leaf that I want перейти на страницу add some clarity to, without affecting the background.

We can do this by using a Clarity Live filter with a mask. Remember this is just for the sake affinity designer mask ipad free download improving this sample image. The principle behind refining a mask is the same for all adjustment layers, Live filters, and creating normal layer masks to blend two images together. First, create a selection of the leaf by using the magic wand selection tool or quick mask tool in Affinity Photo. Because you already have an active selection affinity designer mask ipad free download creating the clarity live filter Affinity Photo will automatically add a mask based on this selection.

Нажмите для деталей woul d mean that the whole image would be affected by the clarity filter. Try to take a closer look at what has been masked out. You will see that the mask might need a bit of extra work to become more precise. When working with complex images, like hair and fur, you will get a much better result if you take the time to refine the mask properly.

You can come back to refining the mask at any step in your editing process. To refine the mask, walmart windows 10 pro laptop free download on the masking layer and select Refine Edge…. In the Refine Affinity designer mask ipad free download dialog change the Preview mode to overlay, by clicking on the downward pointing arrow next приведу ссылку the dropdown where it says Affinity designer mask ipad free download.

This allows you to change affinity designer mask ipad free download you view both the selection and the mask. You might want to change the preview mode to get a better contrast between the object you are trying to mask and the background. This enables you to create a better and more precise mask if you can see what you are doing. If you are not working on a photo with a super crisp edge like hair and fur, you might want to increase the feather slider to soften the selection edges.

Feathering makes the transition softer. However when you work with affinity designer mask ipad free download edges just /47906.txt it at 0px. If you increase the Smooth slider, the edge becomes softer and more smooth instead of jagged and zig-zagged. Besides using the sliders to refine the edge, you can also paint over trouble areas.

This will make Affinity Нажмите для деталей have a look at the area again and refine the selection. Just paint around the edge of the leaf where you want to refine the mask.

Affinity Photo does a pretty good job at refining the edge selection. If you find that Affinity Photo selected too much, i. Work your way around the affinity designer mask ipad free download subject until you are happy with the result.

Change the tolerance of the selection by pulling the Border width slider a bit to the right. Experiment with this as it can give you a more precise selection. The Ramp slider controls the offset of the selection. Pulling it to the left will contract the selection while pushing it to the right will expand your selection. When you are happy with the mask, go to the Output section of the dialog and make sure that Output To is set to Mask.

Next, click Apply to close the Refine Edge dialog. If you want to take your Affinity Photo layer masks a bit further, you can create a simple luminosity mask. This is useful when you only want to work with the highlights in your image. Here at Photography-RAW, we have an advanced video course that will show you how to create real Photoshop-like luminosity masks, and use them for blending multiple images together.

Do you want to learn more about Affinity Photo? Check out our popular Affinity Photo Tutorials! When you learn to use masks in Affinity Photo you will find that it opens up a new world of possibilities. You can use it for combining photos and adjustment layers in a very precise way.

Layer masks give you much more control of the photo editing process. What is your experience with using masks in Affinity Photo? Share your thoughts in the comments below. I make sure that you get the best articles about photography. Personally, I prefer to shoot landscape, nature and macro photography. I am editing photos of people and applying many layers of effects I see no way to paste the mask into other layers so i have to re-worf each layer taking a lot of time.

There my be several different ways to accomplish this. Now you can go ahead and create the next effect or live filter. Affinity designer mask ipad free download по этой ссылке mask is an important work for Photoshop.

I think most of the Affinity designer mask ipad free download work done properly than need mask option. So every body needs first good knowledge about Photoshop layer and mask.


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Please note that older iPads are not supported. From the makers of Affinity Photo comes this pro-grade graphic-design tool, reinvented for iPad. Initially I was very impressed with this software, but the more I delve the more frustrated I’m getting. Selecting, saving and copying colours feels cumbersome must use the eyedropper tool.

The main toolbars look good but some tool pallets seem unfinished, are cryptic just numbers , some lead you to odd results with no easy way to return to defaults. Some things like on screen calculators look disproportionally small compared with the rest of the UI, context lists will often only show two or three options at a time even if there’s only five options!

Saving files to iCloud is unclear. This app has huge potential and is paving the way for professional level apps on iPad, the canvas is fluid and responsive apart from the Pen tool which hugely offsets node placement for no reason, hence 4 stars instead of 5 , the multitouch gestures work well, it seems stable so far, is very likely the most powerful vector graphics app on iPad, but the app doesn’t feel fully cooked yet.

I would imagine all the 5 star reviews are from people who do not use the app in a professional environment. Why do I say that? Well, the pdf handling is poor at best. Placement of nodes is also a hit and miss affair. It also never remembers what stroke weight and colour you were previously using which is fundamental to design apps. Thanks for your feedback. I’ve not been able to replicate the issue with a blank PDF being created on export.

We are aware of the issue with the move tool and should see improvements to this. Privacy practices may vary based on, for example, the features you use or your age. Learn More. Up to six family members will be able to use this app with Family Sharing enabled. App Store Preview. Mar 30, Version 1. Ratings and Reviews. App Privacy See Details. Information Provider Serif Europe Ltd. Size 1. Family Sharing Up to six family members will be able to use this app with Family Sharing enabled.

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