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Published on May 16, Coming from a Photoshop background, I am accustomed to images automatically having a transparent background when I export them in the. When you export a. We need a way to tell Affinity Photo that the background shouldn’t be filled in when exporting. It should just be left transparent if the image format.

If you want to export an image you already have open with a transparent background, follow these steps. Otherwise skip to the section below titled “Preparing New Image” to prepare a new image for a transparent background.

If you’re looking to a create a new image that has a transparent background and wait to avoid the previous steps. Now at the New Document screen you’ll see the option to enable Transparent Background. Tick the option to enable transparent background.

The setting will be saved in your document’s. Remember that you can’t save a. A tech blog by Andy P. I’ve been using Affinity Photo a lot recently to create images for the web. Article Categories: affinity-photo.

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